From surfing to the pool,

our adjustable bikinis in mix and match are perfect for your travels or your next visit to the spa!


Discover our athletic clothing made of fabric recycled

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Boy's Swim Shorts - Black/Blue Floral


Men's Swim Trunks - Black/Blue Floral


Two-piece swimsuit for girls - Tropical white


Triangles bikini top - Tropical white


''High neck'' bikini top - Emerald green



Designing clothes for the whole family in which you feel yourself, confident, comfortable and unique!


Who are the creators?

The duo's little brunette is Léonie, Jules' mother. Anything beautiful catches his eye. Her superpower: She creates the little details that make things completely beautiful. You're probably guessing that she's the one who designs the company's visuals...

The blonde of the two is Sara-Pier, Nolan's mom. She's the little fairy which organizes the various stages of production. Logistics, it has it in the blood! Her super power: Finding solutions, because you know how in business, it's rarely...

What makes us unique

If you own Jules and Nolan clothes, you know how soft and comfortable our fabrics are. But that's not all! Most of the patterns you see have been carefully thought out, worked on and personalized by the company.

In addition, since 2019, these have been printed on fabrics made from recycled materials. Aren't these good reasons to wear Jules & Nolan!?