What makes us unique?

If you own Jules and Nolan clothes, you know how soft and comfortable our fabrics are. But that's not all! Most of the patterns you see have been extensively thought out, worked on and customized by the company. In addition, since 2019, these are printed on fabrics made from recycled materials. Aren't these good reasons to wear Jules and Nolan!?

The duo's little brunette is Léonie, Jules' mother.

Anything beautiful catches his eye. Her superpower: She creates the little details that make things completely beautiful. You are probably guessing that she is the one who designs the visuals of the company (Photos, graphics and management of social networks). Everything you see at Jules et Nolan, ranging from the website to the packaging boxes, Léonie created them from scratch. Perfectionist at will, she sees what the majority does not see!

The blonde of the two is Sara-Pier, Nolan's mother.

She is the little fairy who organizes the various stages of production. Logistics, it has it in the blood! Her superpower: Finding solutions, because you know how in business, is rarely easy! It has an overview of the collections which allows the realization of these. Despite everything, her favorite days remain those she spends with her friend Léonie creating the new collections.

Our history

Initially it was just an idea, and it quickly turned into a dream come true. Two friends, one was a self-employed photographer and graphic designer, the other was a collection agent for a large company, we were very far from suspecting that our careers were going to change. It all started when we got pregnant...at the same time. Surprise! We didn't even know that both of us were preparing for family life. And then came the birth of our respective treasures Jules and Nolan. It is in this order that they came into the world. During our maternity leave, the idea came to us to create unique accessories for our little ones. The only problem is that we didn't know how to sew. Well, that didn't stop us!

One's grandmother had great skills in this, so she gave us a little basic course. We had our heads full of ideas and put them into action. We started by making toques for our sons and, little by little, we found ourselves making things for our loved ones. So we decided to open an online store, why not!? Maternity leave is good for that, isn't it!? This is how our maternity leave never ended!

What was a small hobby a few months ago has now become a thriving business. We had a lot of help and we met the right people at the right times. This is how our story began and we hope for a great continuity!